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Dutch Recipes

The cuisine in the Netherlands, generally takes advantage of local agricultural produce, as well as fish and seafood. Beef, chicken and pork are all popular, and there are many dishes based around these.

For more than 250 years, the Netherlands ruled over the Dutch East Indies (Dutch: Nederlands-IndiŽ) - which has since become the independent state of Indonesia - and this colonial past has left its mark in Dutch cuisine. Indonesian food is very popular in the Netherlands, and even "Chinese" restaurants generally offer some Indonesian dishes. Furthermore some Indonesian dishes, such as nasi goreng (fried rice with spices and meat - usually chicken or pork) have been adopted as Dutch too. There are even some dishes, such as Spekkoek, a type of spicy pastry dessert, which combine Dutch and Indonesian influences.

Traditionally, Dutch dinners consist of a single course containing potatoes, vegetables, meat and gravy, or a stew, known in Dutch as "stamppot" (plural: stamppotten), where potatoes and vegetables have been mixed. Some popular Dutch dishes include:
  • Boerenkoolstamppot - A stew made with potato and kale. It is served with gravy and rookwurst (a Dutch spicy sausage with a smoked flavor).

  • Hete bliksem - Boiled potatoes and green apples, with syrup (Dutch: stroop), or "speck" (juniper-flavored dry-cured ham).

  • Hutspot - A vegetable stew made with both boiled and mashed potato, as well as carrots and onions.

  • Stamppot rauwe andijvie - Raw endive (a variant of chicory) mashed into potatoes, and served with diced and fried "speck" (juniper-flavored dry-cured ham).

  • Zuurkoolstamppot - Mashed potatoes with sauerkraut (pickled cabbage). This dish is normally served with bacon or sauced, and sometimes, to add an exotic flavor, curry power, pineapple or raisins may be added.
Some other popular Dutch dishes include:
  • Balkenbrij - Balkenbrij is a liverwurst (Dutch: leverworst) sausage - a pork sausage containing just enough pork liver to have that distinctive liver taste - that comes in "loaves". It is cut into thick slices approximately ½ (1 centimeter thick), and the slices are then fried.

  • Spekdik - Savory pancakes with bacon.

  • Wentelteefjes - French toast.
Some popular Dutch desserts include:
  • Appeltaart - The Dutch of apple pie. It is usually flavored with cinnamon, lemon and raisins, and has a distinctive top made from a lattice of pastry strips.

  • Krentjebrij - A porridge-like dessert with berries that is eaten cold.

  • Rijstebrij - Rice pudding.

  • Stroopwafel - Two round waffle-like wafers, with a layer of caramel filling inbetween them.


  • Spekkoek - This pastry combines Dutch and Indonesian influences. It is made from many layers of pastry, and has a unique spicy flavor.

  • Oliebollen - The Dutch version of donuts. Dough is simply deep-fried, allow to cool (during which time it rises), and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Oliebollen are often available at fun fairs, but are particularly eaten between Christmas and New Year.
Here are some recipe books and cookbooks for Dutch food:

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Books about Dutch Cooking and Recipes

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Recipes from My Dutch Kitchen: Explore the unique and delicious cuisine of the Netherlands with over 350 photographs

By Janny de Moor

Brand: Lorenz Books
Hardcover (160 pages)

Recipes from My Dutch Kitchen: Explore the unique and delicious cuisine of the Netherlands with over 350 photographs
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National Geographic Walking Amsterdam: The Best of the City

By Pip Farquharson

National Geographic
Released: 2014-03-04
Paperback (192 pages)

National Geographic Walking Amsterdam: The Best of the City
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See the best of Amsterdam with this streamlined walking guide, complete with 11 step-by-step itineraries and maps, to help you explore the city like a pro and navigate like a local. Created in a handy, take-along format, this guide is written by a seasoned travel writer to help conjure the spirit of the place in elegant text enhanced by National Geographic's famous eye for good pictures. More than just a guidebook, Walking Amsterdam is full of information about the city and its people. The guide is divided into the following sections:

The Whirlwind Tours section shows you how to see the entire city in a day or a weekend; what sites will interest kids most; plus tours catered to shoppers and history lovers.  

The Neighborhoods section presents the city broken down into six itineraries that lead you to the best sites in each of the city's greatest neighborhoods--from Niewe Zijde and Oude Zijde to the Museum District and New South. Each itinerary includes such special features as "Distinctly Amsterdam...," highlighting quintessential aspects of the city (tulips, Genever & beer, and Dutch design); "Best Of," providing specific thematic groupings of sights, such as biking around town, canals, and Dutch food; and "in-depth" spreads that take a deep dive into a major museum or other iconic sight along the route.

Travel Essentials provides information on how to get to the city and how to get around once you're there, as well as hand-picked hotels and restaurants.

Walking Amsterdam is part of an exciting pocket-guide series from National Geographic that showcases the world's great cities. Travelers will find top-notch, streamlined, and useful local knowledge that goes beyond the Internet basics to ensure a rewarding, authentic, and memorable urban experience.

National Geographic Traveler: Amsterdam, 2nd Edition

By Christopher Catling

National Geographic
Released: 2014-01-07
Paperback (272 pages)

National Geographic Traveler: Amsterdam, 2nd Edition
List Price: $22.95*
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Product Description:
Active travelers trust National Geographic to deliver what they want in a guidebook: expert advice, insider tips, and the cultural feel of each destination not easily found online. These guides are pitch-perfect for today's experiential travel enthusiasts who 

Amsterdam's profusion of cultural and natural treasures--Vincent van Gogh and the Rembrandthuis museums, Artis Royal Zoo, Albert Cuyp flea market, floating flower market, antiquarian bookstores, brown cafes, tasting houses, and more--are all covered in this indispensable guide. Special tours, such as a walk in the heart of the city and a drive in the neighboring tulip-dotted countryside, are included as well as three-dimensional floor plans of famous museums and detailed architectural drawings (one of the Koninklijk Paleis). In-depth sidebars reveal the heart and soul of Amsterdam, exploring such diverse topics as houseboat living, native-son Rembrandt, and sex and drugs. The guide begins in the central part of town, with the Nieuwe Zijde; and moves outward to the Oude Zijde; Jodenburt, Plantage, and the eastern docks; the northern canals; the southern canals; and finally the Museum District and the New South. A chapter on excursions takes you to such picturesque places as Marken, Edam, Haarlem, and Delft. Other chapters detail the city's rich history and culture (with much emphasis on the arts), along with invaluable practical information and travel tips, including an extensive listing of hotels and restaurants.


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