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Dutch History

Here are some books about the history of the Netherlands:

Comments about Dutch History

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Books about Dutch History

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Why the Dutch are Different: A Journey into the Hidden Heart of the Netherlands

By Ben Coates

Nicholas Brealey
Released: 2015-09-24
Kindle Edition (304 pages)

Why the Dutch are Different: A Journey into the Hidden Heart of the Netherlands
Product Description:

Stranded at Schiphol airport, Ben Coates called up a friendly Dutch girl he'd met some months earlier. He stayed for dinner. Actually, he stayed for good.

In the first book to consider the hidden heart and history of the Netherlands from a modern perspective, the author explores the length and breadth of his adopted homeland and discovers why one of the world's smallest countries is also so significant and so fascinating. It is a self-made country, the Dutch national character shaped by the ongoing battle to keep the water out from the love of dairy and beer to the attitude to nature and the famous tolerance.

Ben Coates investigates what makes the Dutch the Dutch, why the Netherlands is much more than Holland and why the color orange is so important. Along the way he reveals why they are the world's tallest people and have the best carnival outside Brazil.

He learns why Amsterdam's brothels are going out of business, who really killed Anne Frank, and how the Dutch manage to be richer than almost everyone else despite working far less.

He also discovers a country which is changing fast, with the Dutch now questioning many of the liberal policies which made their nation famous.

The Netherlands: A History

By Derek B. Lange

New Word City, Inc.
Released: 2018-07-26
Kindle Edition (114 pages)

The Netherlands: A History
Product Description:
Here, in this stirring, vivid book, historian Derek B. Lange uses The Hague as the focal point for a sweeping, panoramic history of the Netherlands.

One seventeenth-century visitor called The Hague "the mightiest village in Europe" - an epithet that could still be used today to describe this seat of Dutch government and home to its royal family. That same visitor also called it one of the most beautiful villages in Europe - no less correct - for the same circumstances that rendered The Hague mighty despite its size also rendered the Netherlands wealthy.

The Netherlands owed its vast riches to the sea, and it used that wealth not only to attain power but also to attract artistic talent. As the country came to be a leader on the world stage, the so-called Golden Age of the Netherlands encouraged the production of art and architecture of remarkable allure that is still on display today.

The history and people of this small country are explored through its rise to international prominence and then its development into one of the most tolerant and progressive countries in the world.

A Concise History of the Netherlands (Cambridge Concise Histories)

By James C. Kennedy

Cambridge University Press
Released: 2017-07-13
Paperback (502 pages)

A Concise History of the Netherlands (Cambridge Concise Histories)
List Price: $28.99*
Lowest New Price: $20.89*
Lowest Used Price: $20.81*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 22:25 Pacific 13 Nov 2018 More Info)

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Product Description:
The Netherlands is known among foreigners today for its cheese and its windmills, its Golden Age paintings and its experimentation in social policies such as cannabis and euthanasia. Yet the historical background for any of these quintessentially Dutch achievements is often unfamiliar to outsiders. This Concise History offers an overview of this surprisingly little-known but fascinating country. Beginning with the first humanoid settlers, the book follows the most important contours of Dutch history, from Roman times through to the Habsburgs, the Dutch Republic and the Golden Age. The author, a modernist, pays particularly close attention to recent developments, including the signature features of contemporary Dutch society. In addition to being a political history, this overview also gives systematic attention to social and economic developments, as well as in religion, the arts and the Dutch struggle against the water. The Dutch Caribbean is also included in the narrative.

The History of the Netherlands (Illustrated)

By Thomas Grattan

Didactic Press
Released: 2014-12-18
Kindle Edition (304 pages)

The History of the Netherlands (Illustrated)
Product Description:
The scenery of Dutch history has episodes as stirring and instructive as those of any civilized people since history began; but it reached its dramatic and moral apogee when the independence of the United Netherlands was acknowledged by Spain. The Netherlands then reached their loftiest pinnacle of power and prosperity; their colonial possessions were vast and rich; their reputation as guardians of liberty and the rights of man was foremost in the world. But further than this they could not go; and the moment when a people ceases to advance may generally be regarded as the moment when, relatively speaking at least, it begins to go backward. The Dutch could in no sense become the masters of Europe; not only was their domain too small, but it was geographically at a disadvantage with the powerful and populous nations neighboring it, and it was compelled ever to fight for its existence against the attacks of nature itself. The stormy waves of the North Sea were ever moaning and threatening at the gates, and ever and anon a breach would be made, and the labor of generations annulled. Holland could never enter upon a career of conquest, like France or Russia; neither could she assume the great part which Britain has played; for although the character of the Dutchmen is in many respects as strong and sound as that of the English, and in some ways its superior, yet the Dutch had not been dowered with a sea-defended isle for their habitation, which might enable them to carry out enterprises abroad without the distraction and weakness involved in maintaining adequate guards at home. They were mighty in self-defence and in resistance against tyranny; and they were unsurpassed in those virtues and qualities which go to make a nation rich and orderly; but aggression could not be for them. They took advantage of their season of power to confirm themselves in the ownership of lands in the extreme East and in the West, which should be a continual source of revenue; but they could do no more; and they wasted not a little treasure and strength in preserving what they had gained, or a part of it, from the grasp of others. But this was the sum of their possibility; they could not presume to dictate terms to the world; and the consequence was that they gradually ceased to be a considered factor in the European problem. In some respects, their territorial insignificance, while it prevented them from aggressive action, preserved them from aggression; their domain was not worth conquering, and again its conquest could not be accomplished by any nation without making others uneasy and jealous. They became, like Switzerland, and unlike Poland and Hungary, a neutral region, which it was for the interest of Europe at large to let alone. None cared to meddle with them; and, on the other hand, they had native virtue and force enough to resist being absorbed into other peoples; the character of the Dutch is as distinct to-day as ever it had been...

A History of Holland

By George Edmundson

Jovian Press
Released: 2017-11-22
Kindle Edition (438 pages)

A History of Holland
Product Description:
The title, "History of Holland," given to this volume is fully justified by the predominant part which the great maritime province of Holland took in the War of Independence and throughout the whole of the subsequent history of the Dutch state and people. In every language the country, comprising the provinces of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Friesland, Gelderland, Overyssel and Groningen, has, from the close of the sixteenth century to our own day, been currently spoken of as Holland, and the people (with the solitary exception of ourselves) as 'Hollanders.' It is only rarely that the terms the Republic of the United Provinces, or of the United Netherlands, and in later times the Kingdom of the Netherlands, are found outside official documents. Just as the title "History of England" gradually includes the histories of Wales, of Scotland, of Ireland, and finally of the widespread British Empire, so is it in a smaller way with the history that is told in the following pages. That history, to be really complete, should begin with an account of mediaeval Holland in the feudal times which preceded the Burgundian period; and such an account was indeed actually written, but the plan of this work, which forms one of the volumes of a series, precluded its publication...

Holland: The History of the Netherlands

By Thomas Colley, 1792-1864 Grattan

Released: 2015-10-28
Kindle Edition (535 pages)

Holland: The History of the Netherlands
Product Description:
HardPress Classic Books Series

Amsterdam: A History of the World's Most Liberal City

By Russell Shorto

Released: 2013-10-22
Kindle Edition (369 pages)

Amsterdam: A History of the World s Most Liberal City
Product Description:
An endlessly entertaining portrait of the city of Amsterdam and the ideas that make it unique, by the author of the acclaimed Island at the Center of the World

Tourists know Amsterdam as a picturesque city of low-slung brick houses lining tidy canals; student travelers know it for its legal brothels and hash bars; art lovers know it for Rembrandt's glorious portraits.

But the deeper history of Amsterdam, what makes it one of the most fascinating places on earth, is bound up in its unique geography-the constant battle of its citizens to keep the sea at bay and the democratic philosophy that this enduring struggle fostered. Amsterdam is the font of liberalism, in both its senses. Tolerance for free thinking and free love make it a place where, in the words of one of its mayors, "craziness is a value." But the city also fostered the deeper meaning of liberalism, one that profoundly influenced America: political and economic freedom. Amsterdam was home not only to religious dissidents and radical thinkers but to the world's first great global corporation.

In this effortlessly erudite account, Russell Shorto traces the idiosyncratic evolution of Amsterdam, showing how such disparate elements as herring anatomy, naked Anabaptists parading through the streets, and an intimate gathering in a sixteenth-century wine-tasting room had a profound effect on Dutch-and world-history. Weaving in his own experiences of his adopted home, Shorto provides an ever-surprising, intellectually engaging story of Amsterdam.

The Colony of New Netherland: A Dutch Settlement in Seventeenth-Century America (Cornell Paperbacks)

By Jaap Jacobs

Brand: Cornell University Press
Paperback (344 pages)

The Colony of New Netherland: A Dutch Settlement in Seventeenth-Century America (Cornell Paperbacks)
List Price: $26.95*
Lowest New Price: $25.82*
Lowest Used Price: $22.99*
*(As of 22:25 Pacific 13 Nov 2018 More Info)

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  • Used Book in Good Condition
Product Description:

The Dutch involvement in North America started after Henry Hudson, sailing under a Dutch flag in 1609, traveled up the river that would later bear his name. The Dutch control of the region was short-lived, but had profound effects on the Hudson Valley region. In The Colony of New Netherland, Jaap Jacobs offers a comprehensive history of the Dutch colony on the Hudson from the first trading voyages in the 1610s to 1674, when the Dutch ceded the colony to the English.

As Jacobs shows, New Netherland offers a distinctive example of economic colonization and in its social and religious profile represents a noteworthy divergence from the English colonization in North America. Centered around New Amsterdam on the island of Manhattan, the colony extended north to present-day Schenectady, New York, east to central Connecticut, and south to the border shared by Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, leaving an indelible imprint on the culture, political geography, and language of the early modern mid-Atlantic region. Dutch colonists' vivid accounts of the land and people of the area shaped European perceptions of this bountiful land; their own activities had a lasting effect on land use and the flora and fauna of New York State, in particular, as well as on relations with the Native people with whom they traded.

Sure to become readers' first reference to this crucial phase of American early colonial history, The Colony of New Netherland is a multifaceted and detailed depiction of life in the colony, from exploration and settlement through governance, trade, and agriculture. Jacobs gives a keen sense of the built environment and social relations of the Dutch colonists and closely examines the influence of the church and the social system adapted from that of the Dutch Republic. Although Jacobs focuses his narrative on the realities of quotidian existence in the colony, he considers that way of life in the broader context of the Dutch Atlantic and in comparison to other European settlements in North America.

The Dutch Republic: Its Rise, Greatness, and Fall 1477-1806 (Oxford History of Early Modern Europe)

By Jonathan Israel

Paperback (1280 pages)

The Dutch Republic: Its Rise, Greatness, and Fall 1477-1806 (Oxford History of Early Modern Europe)
List Price: $71.00*
Lowest New Price: $48.99*
Lowest Used Price: $16.50*
Usually ships in 2-3 business days*
*(As of 22:25 Pacific 13 Nov 2018 More Info)

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  • Oxford University Press, USA
Product Description:
"Jonathan Israel's 1,231-page blockbuster forms the inaugural volume of a new series, the Oxford History of Early Modern Europe, and offers a comprehensive, integrated account of the northern part of the Netherlands over almost 350 years...The Dutch Republic represents the fruit of 12 years of research, contemplation and writing, and brims over with interesting detail."--The New York Times Book Review

"Israel performs the great service of charting a path through this literature and presents a coherent and comprehensive picture of the Dutch Republic.... Comprehensive in scope and yet so clearly and carefully written that it could serve as a textbook for graduate history courses. Because it is so thoroughly researched and up-to-date, it is also the kind of indispensable handbook that deserves a place on every early modernist's bookshelf."--American Historical Review

Handbook of Dutch Church History (German Edition)

By Herman Selderhuis

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Hardcover (672 pages)

Handbook of Dutch Church History (German Edition)
List Price: $125.00*
Lowest New Price: $35.00*
Lowest Used Price: $58.74*
*(As of 22:25 Pacific 13 Nov 2018 More Info)

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Product Description:
Herman Selderhuis as editor of this volume has brought together a team of experts, resulting in a unique approach since each chapter is co-written by a catholic and a protestant author, who have all integrated the latest research results. Each section begins with a brief historiographical overview. The same time, ecclesiastical events are always set within a greater framework of political, social, and cultural developments for which reason each author has taken the liberty to describe its own method. The user will find in this book tables, diagrams, and illustrations. Also many source texts are integrated in the narration. Theses texts are intended to bring the described events and people closer to the reader and, as it were, to let them speak the words.The name of the book as ""Handbook of the church history of the Netherlands"" immediately brings to mind three problematic complexes which are relevant to its user. First, there is the nature of a handbook, that is intended to be a good tool but also has its limitations: it stimulates and necessitates the use of further books. Second, the area. The Netherlands is a plurality and that is also noticeable in its church history, for each region, town, and village has its own church history. Third, the history of the church for sure is the most important aspect, but this history can only be understood if it is described in the context of political and social developments.


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